Cross Fire 2.0

A first-person-shooter with good visuals and sound where you can play online against real opponents

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Cross Fire 2.0
Cross Fire 1.049 Beta

CrossFire is a piece of gaming software that pits you and a team of peers against an opposing faction of fighters via an FPS (First Person Shooter) interface. The game takes place online to allow for true multiplayer experiences.

Once the game has been successfully installed, you must select a character and a user name. The installation process can take some time, but don't be discouraged. If you have a powerful system, the game should install and run relatively quickly.

When selecting a character, you'll have three options. The first is a United States S.W.A.T. officer, the second is a British SAS agent, and the last is a Russian OMOH fighter. Beyond the character selection, you'll also be given a number of firearms to choose from. You might notice the menus for these options are a little complex, so don't feel the need to focus too heavily on those areas unless your goal is to learn everything about the game.

After you've selected your user name, character, and weapons, you'll be given a list of active servers where you could play. You'll simply select a server that seems acceptable to you, and you'll be logged in to that server. You'll now see a full list of current games on the server, and you can make your own if you don't see one to your liking.

There are four modes of play in CrossFire. The first is Team Death Match, which is probably the most popular option. In Team Death Match, the two teams have no objective but to kill the enemy players. The other game modes include Elimination, Search and Destroy, and Ghost. Ghost mode is possibly the most intriguing and creative game type. In Ghost mode, one team is tasked with protecting their target, and the other team is tasked with destroying it. The catch is that the team seeking to destroy the target is fully cloaked and armed only with knives. The goal is to use cunning and sneakiness to avoid detection.

It should come as no surprise that the most popular mode is Team Death Match. The shooting action of a quick-paced game like this brings out the soldier in everyone, and the standard FPS controls are reliable and precise.

One thing that stands out about CrossFire from a potentially negative standpoint is the graphics. It's clear the game was developed many years ago, but the visuals are still adequate. These slightly below-par graphics help make the game easier to run on older PCs, and newer systems should have no trouble with the game at all. Considering the fact this game is an online multiplayer game that costs nothing, it's way ahead of the curve. You'll be immersed in the gameplay thanks to the realistic sound effects and captivating pace. Few free online FPS games can match the playability and addictive nature of CrossFire.


  • Compatible w/ Most PCs
  • Four Gaming Varieties


  • Outdated Graphics

Cross Fire, also known as Crossfire, is a first-person, online-shooter game. Developed by SmileGate, it focuses on two large corporations battling it out in the near future. Players choose to work as mercenaries for either Global Risk or the Black List, and the choice they make determines whether they fight on the side of the good guys or the bad guys. As an online game, players must join a team of eight people and engage in battles against other teams that also feature eight players.

Unlike other first person shooter games, Crossfire features a number of different game modes. Zombie mode lets players work together to kill a group of invading zombies, while ghost mode lets players play in invisible mode against players who cannot see them. Team Deathmatch is one of the more popular modes in the game. Teams choose a specific map and receive a mission that they must complete in a specific amount of time. Most games require that teams earn a certain number of points or gain a specific number of kills before time runs out. Other popular modes include escape mode, wave mode, shadow mode and hero mode.

Before creating the game, the developers looked closely at the popular military weapons used by soldiers today and the top guns found in other games. They decided to give players access to a wide range of weapons, including machine guns, melee weapons, pistols, sniper rifles and assault weapons. Players can use a Desert Eagle, Colt, Mauser or guns developed by other manufacturers. Each weapon comes with a variety of pros and cons, and players can unlock additional products that improve the accuracy, weight and strength of their weapons.

Though Crossfit is a free game, it does use Game Points, which players win by moving up through the levels, completing certain missions and performing tasks in the game. They can use those points to unlock new levels, characters and weaponry. Some of those items require a high number of points, and many players will need to purchase additional points to obtain those items.

While some players don't like the points system, they do appreciate the ranking system. This system gives players points that they can use to buy items, change their characters and do other tasks. It takes more time to advance through the upper ranks than it does the lower ranks. Those who stick with it can unlock dozens of new weapons and create a customized avatar.


  • Wide range of weaponry that helps players advance through the game
  • Multiple game modes offer new and thrilling experiences with each play
  • Online mode lets players compete against others from around the world or play on the same teams with those players


  • Players can quickly move up through the lower ranks, but it takes more time to advance through the upper ranks
  • Players must buy Game Points to gain access to some weapons and levels
  • Some of the modes run slower and take more time to finish

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